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Strategies for positive parenting by Debbie Roth L.C.S.W.-R. M.Ed

Are your worried about your kids? I can help! I am an experienced Early Childhood Social Worker, Special Education Teacher and most importantly a mom!

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I have worked in the Early Childhood field for over 30 years with both typical and atypically developing kids. Throughout my career I have counseled families and helped caregivers develop and maintain parenting strategies that fit with their lifestyle. I can provide short term targeted behavior management, or long term support. Together we will develop a coaching plan designed to meet your individual needs.

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Kids don't come with an instruction book!

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You can explain your situation and your concerns. Through our conversation we can develop a mutual understanding of what your priorities are and what worries you most about your child. Even if you are feeling overwhelmed we can pinpoint a starting place.


Together we will begin to explore various methods for handling the behavior you want to change. Once we find a strategy that you are comfortable with we can outline the specific steps to take, and determine how you will decide if the strategy is successful. If the first strategy does not work we will decipher why it was not appropriate and then develop a new strategy.


Once your goal is achieved we can determine whether there are other behaviors you want to address.
If needed we can discuss referrals to other services.

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If you find yourself needing parenting guidance with your toddler, then you have found yourself at the right website. Debbie has had years of experience with families and children. She has extensive knowledge of child development, language development, social/emotional development, and the subtle interactions between children, and parents and toddlers. Debbie has years of professional experience with families and children. Debbie will be able to guide you forward, address any concerns you may be having about your child, or help with your struggles in finding the right path forward through behavioral difficulties of the toddler, preschool or school age years. Parent coaching can be a valuable asset in your journey as a parent,  no matter whether you are raising your first or third child. Debbie can be the person that helps you through
whatever difficulty you are currently facing.

Lise Petricone, PT PCS


Have a particular challenge you’re trying to deal with? Contact me today and see what I can do for you. 

Debbie Roth L.C.S.W.-R. M.Ed


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Thanks for your interest! I'll be in touch soon.

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